Short stories.  

Most are fantasy/sci-fi.  Others are more realistic and focus on artists. 

Click the titles to read. The order is intuitive.


Image of a Storm Cloud

A storm rages during an art opening in New York. Published on Rhizome.


Send 'Em Outside!

Sci-fi about a reality TV show in the future. Related to a larger unrealized project.    


Pictures of You

Story about moving to Los Angeles. 



Intense and graphic sci-fi set in various digital worlds. 



Set at a Presidential debate watching party and written at the height of my obsession with the Trump-Clinton election. 


Marc Jones: Miranda or Amanda

Marc Jones: Ideal Forms

Two stories about a young male chauvinist in the art world. The guy is not me.  "Ideal Forms" was included in a pdf project called Amur Initiatives, organized by Rebecca Peel; "Miranda or Amanda" was supposed to be on a decently well-known website but never made it.


Steph-NE Says

Longish sci-fi about a robot revolution. Written at the height of my interest in Occupy Wall Street, including references to writers like Douglas Rushkoff.  Published in Junk Jet #6.  


Hopper's Gray

Sci-fi about virtual worlds, the painter Edward Hopper, and the TV show Clarissa Explains it All.


Heroes and Villains: Nate Hill in New York

Story about the performance/net artist Nate Hill moving through New York City. Published on Rhizome.   


The Twelve Story House Part VI: Glitched Out

The Twelve Story House Part XII: The Awakening of Ed

Strange metaphysical tales with screwball comedy aspects. Written for an art show in Montreal organized by Ed Fornieles. They purport to be part of a twelve-story cycle but the other stories don't exist.   


Pete and Feather: Cat Tail: A Tale in Two Parts

Pete and Feather: Déjà Vu Detectives

Surreal stories about a boy and his cat. 


Open Engagement: Andrew Norman Wilson at Appendix Project Space

Story about a performance by artist Andrew Norman Wilson. Published in Appendix, a book detailing the history of Appendix Project Space in Portland, Oregon. 


ScanOps: Scan it, Urs

ScanOps: Dream of Luna

Sci-fi stories written for and inspired by an Andrew Norman Wilson solo show at American Medium gallery in New York.  


Loop Park

Odd, looping story about the mental processes of jogging around Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 


Pacific Standard

Very short sci-fi story about life in the void. Written for the press release of an art show but never included.