Selected texts/interview


Katja Novitskova

2014 interview for Garage Magazine


Peter Van Riper: Between Holography and the Avant-Garde

2013 article for Rhizome about the artist/musician/mystic Peter Van Riper.

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Lingua Photographica

2013 article for Aperture Online. Featuring Jeff Baij, Bunny Rogers, Allison and Rob Tanner (Aaron Graham and Shawn C. Smith), Ryan Whittier Hale

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Juan Amaya

2012 text for the exhibition Juan Amaya: Event W/ Ambient Music at Flying Object in Northampton, MA. 


Endless Problems

2011 text for Rhododendron, an exhibition curated by Harm van den Dorpel at W139 in Amsterdam. 


Out-of-Body: Willoughby Sharp's Work on Art and Technology

2009 article about the work in art and technology of the American avant-garde artist Willoughby Sharp.

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The New Museum Triennial: Younger than Jesus

2009 Artforum review of the New Museum's inaugural Triennial exhibition. 


Battle Code: Gene McHugh on Guy Debord's Game of War and the Radical Software Group

2009 feature article in Artforum about computer game version of Guy Debord’s board game Kriegspiel.


Kevin Bewersdorf 

2008 Interview for Rhizome in 2008. 

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