Curatorial Projects


When all of my friends are on at once

Online project.

Forty-eight artists' memories of growing up on the internet. 


Lights: Nate Hill and Ann Hirsch

A performance event with Nate Hill and Ann Hirsch at Interstate Projects in Brooklyn. Visitors moved freely in-between the artist's respective rooms. 


If I Die Young: Bunny Rogers and Filip Olszewski

An installation by the duo Bunny Rogers and Filip Olszewski at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn. 


Company Safety (group show)

Performances by Body by Body, Nick DeMarco, Ann Hirsch, Bunny Rogers, and Andrew Norman Wilson. Set in an installation with new works by Travess Smalley and Andrej Ujhazy at Silvershed in New York.


Like: A Performance Series

Summer performance art series at Vogt Gallery in New York. Featuring Jeremy Bailey, Marisa Olson, Rick Silva, BFFA3AE, Duncan Malashock, Nick Demarco & Justin Kemp, Michelle Proksell, Ann Hirsch, Genevieve Belleveau, Billy Rennekamp, David Bernstein & Nicole Demby


Noise Pollution: Marisa Olson

Solo show of work by Marisa Olson. Thesis project at CCS Bard Hessel Museum.