Lights: Nate Hill and Ann Hirsch

November 2, 2013

7-9 pm

Interstate Projects is pleased to present Lights¸ a durational performance environment by Nate Hill and Ann Hirsch in which the artists employ two central props—for Hill, a Porsche 911 sports car; for Hirsch (performing as “Jason Biddies”), a water bong—to explore issues around masculinity and fantasy. The artists will perform simultaneously—Hill in the front gallery; Hirsch in the basement—for the duration of the two-hour event.

Taking inspiration from his strained relationship with his father who owned a Porsche when he was young, Hill’s frenetic performance employs movements from aboriginal dancing, Muhammad Ali, and Southern Baptist churches to “confront” the Porsche as if it was his father. Meanwhile Hirsch’s Jason Biddies character, a “little guy” who always feels he has to prove himself, soothes his anxiety by taking a toke and painting a dimly-lit basement with fog and iridescent rainbows.

The sole sources of illumination during the event will be the headlights of the Porsche in the front gallery and several candles in the basement.

Special Thanks to Collosha Clothing for support in providing the Porsche 911



Selected images: