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my science is hard

orange juice simpson

'tude adjustment

club euphemism

narrative dream on elm street

earl grey jr.

our shoplifting year

parents inc.

clooney club

break on through to pepsi

the father's day ball

the perfect diet (for me)

american lube

the buttermilk pancake band

your dancing is so...modern

stick a dill in there

my monies aren't safe

fashionable (for here)

literally sexy

bikinis half off

charm school debt

guaranteed euros or your non-euro currency back

april fools ur it

whom recalls the tenderness

cop repellent

what are you doing for tribecafest?

cindy crawford level

obama, biden and i

everyone remembers their first xmas kiss

lost my blockbuster card (again)

the typical four seasons

my foster parents and i

kvetching since '81

the thanksgiving bros.

(inaudible) of the month goes to...(inaudible)

trust me i'm grandpa

sans care

american fam

j.lo aka j. lopez

tuna fish on rye, hold the sarcasm

according to destiny's child

basically, the reverse midas touch

save it as a .docx

kids speed limit

peanut pal

i read the santa claus times

american hamster

earnest goes to documenta

automatic tattletale machine

to u i say..."kudos"

i found a four leaf clover

soda laws r tearing this family apart

dog collar fail