Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Viewed April 11th


A group of hardened thieves has to figure out which of them tipped off the cops.

Reservoir Dogs plays with the tools of cinematic craft and narrative so skillfully, that is still feels striking to consider this is Tarantino's debut. It's funny, it's tense, it's shocking, it's moving, it's stylish. Here is someone who loves the pleasures of cinema feeding them back into the system with youthful enthusiasm and a hard-to-place wisdom. He turns each scene into an event. And, in the process, he crafts an intoxicating and terrifying world of L.A. crime hipsterism that defines its age as endless surface-level trivia bubbling over a sea of potential evil. In the midst of this, an almost timeless code of honor is all that separates the men from the beasts. I was shocked to find myself so won over by this film after years of having avoided a re-watch.